Mouth Guards in Shoreline, WA

A dental mouthguard is the most effective way to protect your teeth from injury while playing sports or teeth grinding at night.  A mouthguard may differ depending on your needs, but fortunately there are custom options whether you need one to help you sleep or to protect your teeth from trauma in sports. Dr. Brenner at Bright 32 Family Dentistry can help you protect your mouth by fabricating a custom athletic mouthguard or a night guard. 

Why You Need To Talk To Dr. Jordan Brenner Before Buying A Mouth Guard

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A custom mouth guard can help support the teeth and offer the best type of protection for your teeth compared to an over-the-counter type of appliance. The major problem with store-bought mouth guards is that they are softer and not well-fitted to protect your teeth in the most effective way.

Many people who grind at night will wear a stock mouth guard, which can do more harm than good if you are living with an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Since most over-the-counter solutions are softer, most people tend to clench and grind harder, which results in  your muscles working harder creating headaches and TMJ related issues.

The most important thing we do in life is breathe. Before putting anything into our mouth that can hinder or worsen that ability, it is always best to speak to a dental professional. If you suffer from clenching and grinding at night, or feel a night guard is needed, contact Bright 32 Family Dentistry to set up your virtual consultation with Dr. Brenner to discuss your options.

Mouthguards at Bright 32

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Our office helps design and fabricate athletic mouth guards and night guards for people who experience grinding and clenching or wish to protect their teeth while playing sports or other activities.

Athletic Mouth guards:

A sports guard will protect your teeth, jaw, and gums from trauma and gives you the confidence to play your hardest knowing your smile is protected. A custom athletic mouth guard is well-fitted, slim, and contains the proper thickness to avoid an oral injury.

 Night guards:

Grinding and clenching at night time is a common habit, but it is not normal. For some people, a night guard may be appropriate depending on the underlying cause of teeth grinding, but for others, a night guard won’t offer the protection needed. Many times, grinding and clenching is a sign of a sleep disorder and can affect our most important asset, our breathing. A consult will help determine if a custom night guard is right for you or if you need an evaluation for a sleep disorder.

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Benefits of Mouthguards

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  • Custom mouthguards offer the greatest comfort and stability
  • Prevents wearing down of teeth and dental prosthetics
  • Protection of your jaw, teeth, gums, and bone in athletics

Learn About Your Smile Today

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We are here to help protect your smile and a dental mouthguard is one of the best ways to avoid any oral injuries from sports or grinding at night time. Schedule a virtual consultation to evaluate if you are a good candidate for a mouth guard so we can determine the proper appliance for you! It is our primary goal to give you the quality of life you deserve beyond a beautiful smile!