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No one enjoys a poor night’s sleep, but for some people it is a part of life. Millions of Americans suffer from undiagnosed airway issues and struggle finding a long-term solution. At Bright 32 Family Dentistry, Dr. Brenner is committed to understanding why you have a sleep disorder and how to provide proper treatment. Schedule a complimentary virtual consultation today to get your sleep and life on the right track. 

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If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, you have to come to the right place. Dr. Brenner has the education and experience to help diagnose and treat your condition so you can take control of your health. Dr. Brenner has a personal connection to airway issues, so he knows how much it can affect you and your family. Fortunately, if it is diagnosed early it can be managed with treatments simple as a tongue-tie frenectomy, myofunctional therapy, or a custom mouthguard.

If you find yourself grinding and clenching at night, waking frequently and feeling sluggish during the day, do yourself a favor and schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Brenner today. He and his skilled team specialize in successfully treating  TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and sleep disordered breathing. Stop suffering the pain and sleeplessness caused by TMJ, facial pain, and sleep apnea by scheduling your appointment today!

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Did you know that a sleep disorder can affect your body beyond your dental health? Airway issues like sleep apnea have tremendous health effects that range from cardiovascular issues  to TMJ disorders. Many people result in suffering after years of improper diagnosis or cycling between using and not using a CPAP machine. If you are looking for answers about your health, Dr. Brenner is here to look at you as a whole. After a virtual consultation, he can order a same day sleep study to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Contact Bright 32 Family Dentistry to help get your quality of life back where you deserve.

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